Approach Altcoins With Caution: Bitcoin Dominance Paints Foreboding Pattern

Following Bitcoin’s big breakout weeks ago, altcoins have been rallying left and right. Several majors, mid, and small-cap altcoins have outperformed the first-ever cryptocurrency by a large margin. All that may soon turn around, however, according to a foreboding bottoming pattern that may be forming on BTC dominance charts. If the pattern confirms, altcoins are…

Defi Project Yam Finance Sees Over $500M Locked in 24 Hours, Devs Reveal Contract...

A new yield farming project is all the rage this week, as the Yam Finance project saw over $460 million dollars locked into the platform in 17 hours on Tuesday. On social media and crypto-focused forums, people have been very skeptical of the Yam Finance project as the code has not been audited. On Wednesday…

Bitcoin and Gold Correlation Reaches Record High 70%, Bolstering BTC’s Store of Value Credentials

The prices of bitcoin and gold have reached a monthly average correlation of 70%, an all-time-high, according to data analytics firm Skew. The previous peak of just under 60% was reached earlier on in the second quarter of 2020. Skew said the rising correlation supports the idea that bitcoin (BTC) is a store value, particularly…

Russia Developing AI System to Monitor Cryptocurrency Transactions — Prototype Now in Use

Russia is reportedly developing a system using artificial intelligence to track and analyze transactions involving cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, dash, and monero. The system prototype has already been created and is currently being tested. This news followed the signing of crypto regulation into law by President Vladimir Putin. Russian Crypto Monitoring System The Russian government…

Decentralized Finance Frenzy Drives Ethereum Transaction Fees to All-Time Highs

Average transaction fees broke all-time highs as median fees hover just below its high.

Uniswap’s August Volume Topples July $1.76B Record in Less Than Two Weeks

Uniswap reported $TK billion in monthly volume as of Wednesday.

Coinbase to Offer Bitcoin-Backed Loans to US Customers

Coinbase will allow U.S. retail customers to borrow fiat loans against as much as 30% of their bitcoin holdings starting in the fall.

Bitcoin Fractal From May Warns Of Coming Crash, More Painful Sideways

Bitcoin price only recently broke out from a tight trading range, causing a roaring rally by crypto bulls, pushing the asset to $12,000 per BTC. But even though sideways just ended, a fractal appearing on the asset’s price charts suggests that a crash is on the way, followed by much worse: more painful sideways. The…

Shroud Is ‘Coming Home’ – Exposing Why Twitch Seems Impossible to Beat

Ridiculously popular streamer Shroud is "coming home" to Twitch, proving why the streaming platform is so difficult to beat.

Logan Paul Amps Up the Cringe to Steal Spotlight After Jake’s FBI Raid

Logan Paul, not content to let his brother own the spotlight following the FBI raid, turned up the cringe with an attention-seeking tweet.