Polygon Founder Says Ethereum Is Set To Replace Bitcoin As The Global Standard

Bitcoin still remains the top crypto project in the space. But it no secret that Ethereum has been quickly catching up with the pioneer cryptocurrency. Ethereum’s decentralized finance (DeFi) use cases have been the major contributor behind this space as investors have flocked to the blockchain to earning returns on their crypto holdings. This has…

Ava Labs Sets Avalanche Mainnet Launch for Sept. 21

With $60 million in funding at its back, Ava Labs' Avalanche is the latest next-gen blockchain network to enter the DeFi landscape.

US Stablecoin Regulation Could Lead to Geopolitical Competition

Recent regulatory developments could push stablecoins closer to the existing fiat system, unleashing competition for control over a lifeblood of the crypto industry, says our columnist.

Aussie Beer Can Now Be Exchanged for Excess Solar in New Program Involving Blockchain

The program has been developed in partnership with Victoria Bitter, retailer Diamond Energy and blockchain startup Power Ledger.

Sotheby’s to Accept Crypto for Rare 100-Carat Diamond in Upcoming Auction

“The most ancient and emblematic denominator of value can now, for the first time, be purchased using humanity’s newest universal currency.”

UK Court Will Let Craig Wright Serve Claims Against 16 Bitcoin Developers

The entrepreneur's attorneys can now serve the developers of BTC, BCH, BCH ABC and BSV, even though they don’t reside in the U.K.

The Node: ‘Green’ Bitcoin Is the Price of Mass Adoption

Bitcoiners may want to dismiss the energy/environment debate, but it's not going away as more corporates look to make an allocation.

US Charges Stanford Crypto Group Director With Defrauding His Former Employer – the Fed

Lawrence Rufrano allegedly hid his work at Stanford and blockchain startup Factom from disability benefits regulators.

Bitcoin Climbs Past $40K for First Time Since Mid-June

Market analysts say Monday's price gains accelerated amid a short squeeze.

DBS Launches Bank-Backed Crypto Trust Service in Asia First

The bank becomes the first in Asia to offer crypto trust services providing custody and trading.