How to Find a Bitcoin Cash Meetup Near You

Cryptocurrency community meetups are a great way to learn about merchant adoption in your local area, talk to like-minded people and just have some fun. Here’s how you can easily find a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) meetup near you. Also Read: Lets You Pay for Membership With Bitcoin Cash Local Bitcoin Cash Meetups Available All…

Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency: Bad for Privacy, Bad for Competition

Allowing Facebook to mint its own coin would turn it into the greatest monopoly in history, argues Signature Bank's chairman.

Scammers Target Libra Fans With Fake Sites, Zuckbucks

Buyer beware: the difference between ì and i can mean the loss of a few thousand dollars if you're not careful.

Pot Startup Uses the Blockchain to Smoke Out Weed Strains

TheraCann and StrainSecure have teamed up to turn pot DNA into intellectual property.

Crypto Market Holding Key Support: Bitcoin Cash, EOS, TRX, ADA Analysis

The total crypto market cap surged higher and tested the $325.0B level before correcting lower. Bitcoin price spiked above the $11,000 resistance level and it is currently consolidating gains. EOS price is back below the $7.200 level and it might test the $7.050 or $7.000 support. BCH price rallied significantly in the past few days…

Best of Bitcoin & Tether Combined? 10 Libra Whitepaper Takeaways

Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency whitepaper dropped this week, sending shockwaves through the Bitcoin and altcoin community. Is Libra the thing that pulls blockchain kicking and screaming into the mainstream, for the benefit of one and all? Or is it the final nail in the coffin of a cryptocurrency experiment just a decade old? Here are 10…

Blockchain Exec Reveals the Facebook Crypto’s Unspoken Advantage

By CCN Markets: Head of Growth Haider Rafique believes that Facebook’s Libra project will be a boon to cryptocurrency as a whole, for numerous reasons. As Head of Growth at Blockchain, adoption is the executive’s primary drive, and he believes Facebook’s crypto entry will have a positive impact. The growth expert laid out his…

BCH Development Fund Doubles Its Goal After a Successful Month

In May, a group of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporting businesses and individuals launched a fundraiser to support BCH development. Since then the fundraiser has received massive support and so the organizers have decided to double the goal to 1600 BCH by August 1, 2019. Moreover, other projects have been added to the page in…

In This Week’s Video Update: BCH Dev Fund Exceeds Target, Reveals Rebrand

The Bitcoin Cash Developer Fund has reached its 800 BCH goal in less than a month since the start of the community-driven fundraising campaign. You’ll find more details on how to support the initiative in the weekly update from Check out the video for other interesting news from the Bitcoin Cash space. Also read:…

New Betting Game Allows People to Wager on BTC’s Next Block Fee

Bitcoin core (BTC) prices have been rising sharply over the last few weeks and people have also noticed BTC transaction fees have spiked as well. Now there’s a new gaming site called Guess Bitcoinfees allowing people to bet on the 24-hour average transaction fee for the next day and the site pays out jackpots in…